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Menyambut Kelahiran Anak 3 : Azan Dan Iqamah
Dalam tempoh yang segera yang mungkin, anak itu perlu diazan dan diiqamatkan. Adalah sunat untuk azan di teliga kanannya, dan iqamat di telinga kirinya. Seeloknya, si bapa sendiri yang melaksanakan tugas yang ringkas, tapi penuh makna ini
Azanlah dan iqamatlah dengan penuh khusyuk, pasrah dan mengharap. Pastikan suaranya jelas, sebutannya tepat dan lebih baik lagi bersama dengan menghayatan maknanya. Sambil azan dan iqamah, bolehlah hati bapa tadi mendambakan harap agar Allah jadikan telinga, mata, lidah dan seluruh anggota anak itu dekat dengan Allah, dan jauh dari syaitan.

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2007-11-26 | 

Di antara anak wanita Rasulullah saw, Fathimah Az-Zahra a.s, merupakan wanita paling utama kedudukannya. Kemuliannya itu diperoleh sejak menjelang kelahirannya, yang didampingi wanita suci sebagaimana yang diucapkan oleh Khadijah:

“Pada waktu kelahiran Fartimah a.s, aku meminta bantuan wanita-wanita Qurays tetanggaku, untuk menolong. Namun mereka menolak mentah-mentah sambil mengatakan bahwa aku telah menghianati mereka dengan mendukung Muhammad. Sejenak aku bingung dan terkejut luar biasa ketika melihat empat orang tinggi besar yang tak kukenal, dengan lingkaran cahaya disekitar mereka mendekati aku. Ketika mereka mendapati aku dalam kecemasan salah seorang dri mereka menyapaku: ‘Wahai Khadijah! Aku adalah Sarah, ibunda Ishhaq dan tiga orang yang menyapaku adalah Maryam, Ibunda Isa, Asiah, Putri Muzahim, dan Ummu Kultsum, Saudara perempuan Musa. Kami semua diperintah oleh Allah untuk mengajarkan ilmu keperawatan kami jika anda bersedia”. Sambil mengatakan hal tersebut, mereka semua duduk di sekelilingku dan memberikan pelayanan kebidanan sampai putriku Fathimah a.s lahir.”

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Jaga gigi ketika bayi

PERNAH terfikir mengapa ramai antara kita ‘gerun’ apabila hendak berjumpa doktor gigi? Walaupun kita disaran menjalani pemeriksaan gigi dua kali setahun, tetapi rasa gerun ini menyebabkan ada orang hanya berjumpa doktor gigi kerana terpaksa iaitu apabila ada masalah berkaitan gigi; itu pun bilangannya boleh dikira. Selagi boleh, ramai cuba bertahan dan mencuba kaedah lain untuk mengurangkan masalah mereka.

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More UK children living in poverty

The number of British children living in poverty has risen for a second successive year, raising doubts about the government's commitment to halve the number by 2010.

According to government figures published Tuesday, the number of children living in poverty rose by 100,000 in 2006-2007 to 2.9 million before housing costs.

Pensioner poverty also increased for the first time since 1998, up by 300,000 to 2.5m. The numbers of both children and pensioners in poverty is even higher once costs such as rent and mortgages are taken into account.


Child's Creativity

Parents and teachers can and do have an effect on child's creativity. Creativity may be more influenced by environmental rather than genetic factors. In fact, it is promoted through the maintenance of a playful, jovial atmosphere that allows and supports the unconventional but at the same time distinguishes and elaborates on what is appropriate and useful. It develops when examples of different approaches are analyzed. It is more likely to thrive when adults express the idea that any problem can be worked out.

A characteristic noted about creative individuals that is worth mentioning is persistence. Those who display creativity often stick with an idea or problem well beyond at time when others get frustrated and quit. To assist your child to be more persistent, focus on conveying two attitudes. First, reflect the belief that no problem is essentially difficult. With further information or a change in strategy, perspective or persistence, any problem can be solved. Secondly, underline the concept that failure is a term related to situations, not people. Failure indicates a temporary state of affairs and only means that another method or more information and practice are needed.

Creativity is unique and the best way to recognize a child's creativity is to create a craft room. It facilitates a child not only explore it's talent but have fun as well. One has to plan this room in a way that the child loves being there and is stimulated to do some activity, craft and art to develop creativity and keep boredom away.

Child's creativity can be nurtured even as a toddler. It requires a great amount of time, patience and planning to keep toddlers occupied even for some time. The setting of the décor where the little one spends most of it's time should be pleasant. The wall should have stickers or murals of his/her favorite cartoon characters and the ceiling should be covered with glow stars or something of similar sort. This will work out during the story time when the child is put to sleep. The furniture should be placed at a height that can be reached by the child. The toys, craft materials etc can be placed in a place where the child can reach whenever he/she wants. It makes him/her independent and raises his/her level of confidence as well as keeps him/her busy. Small children love scribbling on the wall. Border the scribbling with a wooden frame .It will look as though the little one's creation is framed.

When the child is slightly older, say around five to seven years of age, one wall of a room could be devoted to the child entirely. It could be left blank for the child to scribble on it, paint, write poems or draw whatever he/she likes. Let the young one personalize it in any way he/she likes. If the child prefers, paint a story on the wall to fire his/her imagination. At this age, children at present spend their leisure hours playing games on the computer. The time allotted to play these games must be strictly monitored. The child must be encouraged to pick up a book, read it, and even narrate the story. They should be given a topic on which they can draw or create something using their imagination.

Encourage letter writing which not only improves communication skills but also helps the child to keep in touch with relatives and friends. Craft items such as painting with wet paints, sticking certain pictures and creating a collage etc can bring out the creative genius in these children while keeping them busy. Board games can be handy when friends and classmates come along. These can be kept within easy reach on open shelves that can be reached by the children. If time permits, this is the right age to introduce the child to an adult game like chess.

To conclude in order to develop a child's creativity,

i) Expose him/her to a diversity of cultures, experiences, people, and ways of thinking.

ii) Make them aware of the fact that there are different ways to think about a problem.

ii) Instill confidence in the child to try new experiences within his/her age level abilities and expectations.

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The Theme Song For The Backyardigans

Children loves to sing and watch cartoons. Besides they also like to play computer games.

For example, especially this videos;

May be they also like this one;

They are born to play, let them play up to age of seven years old.

This title : Backyardigans intro en español

Some even like this cartoon;

Barney : te quiero yo y tu a mi

or this one;

Pin Pon

With 22,123,903 views up to 18 May 2010

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The Soya Bean Story

This humble little legume has made great strides as a health food but not all soya products are created equal

THE soya bean (or soybean in the US) has long been recognised for its many health benefits. Being a good source of protein, it makes a great meat substitute for many vegetarians and vegans, and as an alternative source of plant protein for others.

For this reason, soya products have become increasingly popular nowadays. Chief among them are soya beverages or soya bean milk.

Made from whole soya beans that are ground and mixed with water to form a milk-like liquid, these soya beverages are then packaged and sold plain or added with flavourings such as vanilla, chocolate or coffee to enhance their taste appeal.

Although soya beverages are safe and nutritious for adults, they do not satisfy the nutritional needs of infants and young children.

They are not designed with the special needs of infants and children in mind and its exclusive use in infants and children can lead to severe protein malnutrition and vitamin D deficiency.

Severe protein malnutrition, known as kwashiorkor, is characterised by pigmented skin lesions, irritability and thin, sparse hair.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets, a disease that causes bone fractures and deformities and, in severe cases, the child may lose his/her ability to crawl or roll over.

Thus, parents should take note that soya beverages, even organic ones, do not provide the right ratio of nutrients needed for child development, especially for infants younger than a year old.

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Parents Pivotal role

Wednesday December 31, 2008

RAISING children is a paradoxical task. It starts out really hard for parents who want to do a good job of caring for their children. You think that all the hard work will pay off as the child gets older, but things do not always stay the same.

Parents have to be consistent when dealing with children, yet they have to keep up with the changes as their children grow and develop.

One father said this during a parenting seminar: “I used to have many parenting theories before I became a parent. Now that I am a father of three, I have no theories left.” Parenting is all about learning and experiencing. It requires work, time and loads of patience.

Language is the key to good communication between parents and children. It is not a Western thing to talk to our children. Using respectful language with children transcends all cultures. Children learn from the way we communicate with them.

Shouting or yelling at your children will make matters worse. They will open up to you when they feel secure, loved and respected. Threats will only confuse them and make them fearful to share their thoughts.

Most parents want their children to listen to what they say. They focus so much on seeking cooperation from their children that they overlook the importance of developing the child’s character. It is better for children to cooperate because it is the right thing to do, not because their parents told them so.

Parents forget that their children tend to mimic them in their behaviour rather than internalise their words. You want your child to tell the truth at all times, yet there are occasions when he hears you telling a white lie over the phone.

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From Marriage to Parenthood: The Heavenly Path

From Marriage to Parenthood: The Heavenly Path

From Marriage to Parenthood: The Heavenly Path

Abbas and Shaheen Merali


Published by:
The Islamic Education Board of the
World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities


Reproduced with permission by the
Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project team
From Marriage to Parenthood: The Heavenly Path


Chapter 1
The Wedding Night

Chapter 2
Sexual Etiquette

Chapter 3
Important Fiqh Rules 1, For Married Couples

Chapter 4
Family Planning

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
After Delivery

Chapter 9

Chapter 10
Important Fiqh Rules 2 , For Mothers

Chapter 11
Raising Children

Chapter 12

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Effective Parenting Skills

Effective parenting skills

What are effective parenting skills and how would we know if we were using them?

Effective parenting skills

Effective parenting skills are displayed clearly through a consistent parenting approach.

Clear, firm, consistent parenting is quality parenting. I believe being a consistent parent is both vitally important and totally necessary to ensure a happy family life.

In fact I would go so far as to state that I believe clear,consistent parenting produces well adjusted children and parents. This creates a happy family.

* Do your children whine and grizzle?
* Are you a push over and easily manipulated by them?
* Do you walk on egg shells around your children in order to maintain peace?
* How often do you give in after saying no?
* Are you in charge or do your children run your household?

Children learn best by being given clear, firm and consistent directions from parents who are clear, firm and consistent in their approach.

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Effective parenting skills

Children Prone To Overeat

Prone To Overeat

WHEN it comes to cookies, some children really can’t help themselves, British researchers said.

In an experiment, researchers offered 131 four- to five-year-olds a plate of cookies after they had eaten a meal. They found that the children who ate more cookies were more likely to have certain variations of the FTO gene, a gene linked to larger body size, suggesting that for some overeating is genetically programmed.

"This research ... tells us more about how some children are more responsive to signals in their bodies encouraging them to eat when full than others," said Jane Wardle of University College London, who led the study. "Knowing how the genes work is the first step to minimising these negative effects."

Studies have shown people with two copies of the obese version of the gene on average weigh nearly 3kg more and are about 70% more likely to be obese than those with other versions.

Parents See Benefits of Kids Playing Video Games

By Dave Rogers - Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:09pm
PDT 3 Comments

Parents across America are recognizing the benefits of their children playing videos games, according to a new study from Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE). The results, published exclusively in the new November issue of Family Circle magazine, suggest parents are seeing improvements in hand/eye coordination, problem solving and typing skills.

In addition to basic education elements, the survey suggests video games are teaching children to think strategically. The majority of video games require players to follow rules, think tactically, make fast decisions and fulfill numerous objectives to win. This resonates with the 70% of the parents surveyed who have seen their children's problem-solving skills improve since they started playing video games.

Yahoo!'s website, Shine, which reaches 10 million women each month, hosted the survey throughout June 2008. The study found that 87% of parents who participated in the survey are spending time playing video games with their children. "Family video game nights are becoming incredibly popular with the variety of games out there," said Linda Fears, editor-in-chief, Family Circle magazine. "Parents and children of all ages are finding games to play together, no matter what each person's experience level."

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