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Parents See Benefits of Kids Playing Video Games

By Dave Rogers - Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:09pm
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Parents across America are recognizing the benefits of their children playing videos games, according to a new study from Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE). The results, published exclusively in the new November issue of Family Circle magazine, suggest parents are seeing improvements in hand/eye coordination, problem solving and typing skills.

In addition to basic education elements, the survey suggests video games are teaching children to think strategically. The majority of video games require players to follow rules, think tactically, make fast decisions and fulfill numerous objectives to win. This resonates with the 70% of the parents surveyed who have seen their children's problem-solving skills improve since they started playing video games.

Yahoo!'s website, Shine, which reaches 10 million women each month, hosted the survey throughout June 2008. The study found that 87% of parents who participated in the survey are spending time playing video games with their children. "Family video game nights are becoming incredibly popular with the variety of games out there," said Linda Fears, editor-in-chief, Family Circle magazine. "Parents and children of all ages are finding games to play together, no matter what each person's experience level."

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