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Shaking A Crying baby Can Cause Brain Damage

Posted : Mon, 10 Nov 2008 03:13:37 GMT
Author : DPA
Category : Health

- A crying baby should never be shaken as this can cause severe brain damage or even death, Germany's professional association for paediatricians said in Cologne. Parents should first leave the room or count to 10 and take a deep breath before acting hastily and doing something they later bitterly regret, the association advises. A paediatrician could recommend a nearby outpatient clinic that can make the interaction with a difficult infant easier.

About 100 infants in Germany annually suffer severe brain damage because they were shaken by caregivers who, in most cases, were overburdened. This figure was reported by the census unit for rare paediatric illnesses in Germany, but the paediatricians association estimates the number of babies in Germany that suffer trauma from shaking is higher.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Teach Your Child Good Manners

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How can you teach your child good manners? Dr William Sears, dad of eight, parenting expert and co-author of The Good Behaviour Book, shares his tips

One day, as I was visiting a school, an eight-year-old girl accidentally stepped on my foot. Within a second she turned and said, “I’m sorry” as she looked me in the eye with a concerned expression on her face. What struck me about her response is that it happened so quickly. Politeness was such a natural part of her behaviour that she didn’t have to think before she acted. That’s a well-mannered child.

Kindness, politeness and respect are learned in the home. If taught when children are young, such qualities become a habit and part of the child’s personality. You wouldn’t put your 16-year-old in a car and let him drive without teaching him the rules of the road. Kindness, politeness and respect are the rules of the road in life, and teaching them helps ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for our children, as well as the people who they share the road with. Read More


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