Sunday, September 4, 2011

Teens, young men way over limit on sugary drinks

By Susan Kelly and Alina Selyukh

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON | Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:30pm BST

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - About half of the population drinks a sugar-sweetened beverage on any given day, with teens and young men consuming way more than recommended limits for staying healthy, according to new government data.

The survey results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show how far consumer habits must change to help fight the nation's obesity epidemic, with nearly two-thirds of Americans either overweight or obese.

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Breastfeeding tied to kids' brainpower

(Reuters Health) - In a new study from the UK, kids who were breastfed as babies had higher scores on tests of vocabulary and reasoning at age five than those who weren't breastfed.

Breastfeeding seemed to make the biggest difference for babies who were born early and therefore had more catching up to do in their brain development.

SOURCE: The Journal of Pediatrics, online August 11, 2011.

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